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The new portfolio website is now complete.  Hopefully this is a huge improvement from the previous version.

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English Proficiency degree Michigan Helios Institute – Greece

English Proficiency degree Cambridge Helios Institute – Greece.

Engineering Foundation course – DEI & British Council – Greece

Electrical Electronic Engineering MMU BEng Hons (Manchester Metropolitan University) 3years.

BSc Hons: Computer and Video Games Design (Salford University) 2nd degree.

MSc Computer Animation: I received a Distinction Class Honors degree from Westminster University – DISTINCTION CLASS Honors.

References in writing are available from all companies excluding MTV (company policy to not provide references)

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Batman: Arkham Asylum


Rocksteady Studios LtdEidosWarner Brothers – March 08 to April 09 – Batman Arkham Asylum PC, Xbox, Ps3

2 x BAFTA award winner and VGA award winner

Title: Senior Promotional Artist

Unreal Engine: High level technical experience using the Unreal Engine.

Expert use of Matinee: Cameras, lighting, composition, scene automation, capture, export frames.Setting up a pipeline between Unreal and Post production. Management and automation of the pipeline to create footage and in-game assets automatically.

Expert use of Kismet: Creating cutscenes and automating events for the cinematic cutscenes. Working on in-game elements and functions using Kismet.

High Level VFX implementation: For all video media in the game.  Post production pass on cinematics and cut scene sequences.The above was done using Adobe After Effects, to animate and create effects.

Creating game trailers: Compressing all game videos. Responsible for the creation of all video assets and the relevant compression and optimization of all video assets.

Training other artists: On the use of the Unreal engine for various tasks and the game pipeline and protocols.

Bug fixing: For the game, on most art aspects involving the Unreal engine.

Media creation: For the company, logos, animations, screenshots, videos, art, for inside and outside the game.

Game support: Supporting Animation/Cinematics/Character/Design/QA teams with any problem they would have that requires myskills and attention.

This is an outline of my work here, please contact for more technical info.


Related Media

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Maverick – Trailer Director

Maverick Media – January 11 – June 11 – Multiple projects and Campaign


Trailer Director: Responsible for directing trailers in teams of 2-7.

Multiplayer Director: Directed a team of 12 strong QA staff members of Crytek Nottingham UK in a multiplayer fire fight.  Using XBOX Live Lan voice-comms and a choreographed script I successfully directed the two teams of 6 QA players. It resulted in a hugely successful campaign closer video. Five days total development time.

MMORPG Projects: Similar to the above multiplayer capture but in an MMORPG persistent world. The game engine was The Secret World MMO created by Funcom Norway.

Building the team: Responsible for interviewing and hiring new staff & freelancers. Three successful hires from personal contacts.

Director’s Brief: Creating director’s treatments for various projects, as well as creative and marketing lines. Creating budget realistic briefs within technical/artistic and marketing constraints.

Setting up the Art Tech pipeline: Assisting with the production of multiple projects in the agency and giving technical and artistic advice.

B2B: Meeting with various different clients on a regular basis (Publisher/Developer). Use of personal contacts was pivotal for certain jobs.

Technical assessments: Assessing the technical difficulties of each game engine, finding technical solutions for all pipeline problems.

R&D: Research and Development, in-game capture & cinematics. Post production & Editing.

Game Engine Manipulation: Responsible for taking ownership of all engine related matters technical or not. Communicating with the developer on a daily basis to ensure technical needs are met with the build. heavy use of the Crytek and Unreal engines for multiple projects. Level design and lighting, Custom animations input, Scripting, Image & Quality control.

Creative Input:  As a part of the Creative Department at Maverick media I took part in many brainstorming meetings giving artistic execution suggestions and creative ideas.

Many more projects to go live soon as NDA is lifted and they go public


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E-Sports & Pro-Gaming

Prior to seeking a career in the making of games I was a contracted ProGamer (professional gamer) in Greece, UK,Denmark, and Sweden for 19 professional teams.

My job was to compete in large competitions that were invitation onlyto professional games and win, as well as advertise my sponsors and employers through my victory. I was frequently sub-contracted by them along with my team for Alpha and Beta Testing stages of many multiplayer games as a QA lead.


CPL Staff: Cyberathlete Professional League, event presenter and commentator in Berlin-Germany, Cologne-Germany,Oslo-Norway, UK-London, Korea-Seoul, Sweden-Stockholm and other world tour stops.

WCG2001: Contracted to be a member of the UK National team representing UK in the World Cyber Olympics 2001-2002in Korea Seoul.

2000 Bulgaria: Contracted by the owner of Bulgarian national gaming team, to train the team for 2 months prior to theircompetition in CPL Berlin tournament. Subcontracted as a player in the process.

Blizzard Entertainment EU: QA team. Part of the Alpha, Closed and Open Beta testing invitational team for every Blizzardtitle.

ID Software EU: QA team Part invitational team for every ID Software title after the release of Quake.

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ESL – Regional CEO

Title: Regional CEOUK – July 07 – July 08

During this time I was also the national head of ESL UK, , an online game league which I have handled in my spare time.

Tasks involved Dealt with Recruiting, events, business development, staff, training, contracts, affiliations, rules, admins, tournaments and expansion.

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Lewisham College

Lewisham CollegeBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma & BTEC Level 2 – June 10 – December 10

Title: Course Leader

Tasks as a CL: I was involved in the creation of the course working alongside with Lewisham College staff. The process was initiated by research & development, and followed by careful and planned execution.

Launching the course: Planning, Designing the classroom plan, building the room, ordering equipment, setting our servers and working within budgets.

Training:I received management courses, health and safety courses, child safeguarding courses and various teaching and presentation related training.

QTS: I also took part in a DTLLS, Qualified Teacher Status course, where I maintained excellent grades.

Tasks as a teacher: Teaching the Level 2 & Level 3 Interactive Media courses. I was also responsible for writing & delivering the curriculum. My experience in the education sector has been great and I feel it has greatly honed my skills as a manager and mentor.

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The University Of Westminster

The University Of WestminsterAdvanced Animation MSc & Lecturer September 09 – June 10

Title: Lecturer: Computer Video Games design for year 2 3

Topics, Unreal Engine, Particle Engines, FX, Animation, Modeling. I decided to expand into 3D modeling and animation and honemy skills.

During this academic period I graduated from Westminster University with a Distinction Class MastersMSc ComputerAnimation.

I am currently very comfortable with Max, Maya and Zbrush. My goal is to be AAA quality in character modeling by the end of 2010 as an additional discipline that I train myself at.




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Trutap – Product Manager Mobile Application Development – April 07 – July 07 – The Trutap Mobile Application &  PC Platform

Title: Product Manager

Project: Design and test to perfection a mass user target mobile phone platform/application for a mass consumer launch.

Product: Full product shaping, specification design, wire frame design, quality assurance and research.

Planning: Working on the product’s plan with Douglas Richards , CEO of (Dragon’s Den – Douglas Richards)

Adverts: Advertising campaign planning and execution with video editing and special effects.

Filming: Directing Green Screen Filming, and working with green screen footage.

Mobile: Experience with mobile platforms and mobile applications.

Design: Designed and tested a mass user mobile phone platform/application for a mass consumer launch. The application designedwas mobile phone related and targeted for the international market. It is an extremely complex but versatile application that offersan amazing service with limitless possibilities for expansion. The product reached its final stage before first public launch and is soonto be announced

Goal: The complexity of this product’s capabilities required a very well planned and thorough product management, since auser could be entirely lost with the service if the explanation was not simple and to the point. In order to do that we had a verymethodical approach that would be welcoming to the most un-technical of users even on this complex product.Given the task to come up with a series of innovative ideas to present the complex service we would provide to the public in a veryshort and powerful message. We had to explain the multiple features of the product in 10-15 seconds in an appealing way thatwould attract the viewer to join us and use this service.

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Zombie Entertainment Ltd


Zombie Entertainment Limited : Media Company – January 01 – August 06 – Multiple Projects

Title: Managing Director / CEO

– Individually created, or in co-operation with the rest of my staff, a large number of projects in the field of ComputerGames Media, and Computer Games Production and Development.

– Responsible for all recruitment and training.

– Offered Internships to the university of Toulouse to students in the business and managed their teams and trained them.

Strategized the best possible course for the business.

– Responsible for all pitching to clients and new innovative ways to pitch. B2B experience and client management.

Developed new technologies and methodologies in the games video sector.

– Acted as product and project manager for all products and projects developed with the help of 2 colleagues.

– Published a large number of finished game related productions some of the titles included below.

Nihilum in AQ and Nihilum in AQ trailer (A world Of Warcraft movie production, most downloaded project with 6.7million downloads) at and

– The list totals to 107 productions, please ask for details.– Please ask for technical specifications and variety of work done on videos.


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