Medieval 2: Total War

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Title: Studio Promotional Artist

Main tasks: Responsibilities consisted of professional video capture (real or game) and editing, special effects generation and audio mixing/sampling and multi-purpose screenshot generation for the media.

Level Design: Extensive level design and scene choreography for TV material for TV channels and shows using the game engine for representation of battles.

DevTools: Assisted in the development of the development toolkit for next-generation products, re-planned all marketing strategies with a team and put all plans into action.

E-Sports: Worked on setting up affiliations between The Creative Assembly to a business in the e-Sports sector, using personal strong contacts to achieve this.

Mocap: Assisted Motion Capture sessions for Viking and Empire: Total War.

Hardware and Software used: Matrox HD PRO Workstation Editing Suite, Adobe Production Studio Premium Pro 2 (all applications), Sony Vegas, Game Dev Tool Kit, Excel, Word, and the tools made specifically for Medieval 2: Total War engine.