Batman: Arkham Asylum


Rocksteady Studios LtdEidosWarner Brothers – March 08 to April 09 – Batman Arkham Asylum PC, Xbox, Ps3

2 x BAFTA award winner and VGA award winner

Title: Senior Promotional Artist

Unreal Engine: High level technical experience using the Unreal Engine.

Expert use of Matinee: Cameras, lighting, composition, scene automation, capture, export frames.Setting up a pipeline between Unreal and Post production. Management and automation of the pipeline to create footage and in-game assets automatically.

Expert use of Kismet: Creating cutscenes and automating events for the cinematic cutscenes. Working on in-game elements and functions using Kismet.

High Level VFX implementation: For all video media in the game.  Post production pass on cinematics and cut scene sequences.The above was done using Adobe After Effects, to animate and create effects.

Creating game trailers: Compressing all game videos. Responsible for the creation of all video assets and the relevant compression and optimization of all video assets.

Training other artists: On the use of the Unreal engine for various tasks and the game pipeline and protocols.

Bug fixing: For the game, on most art aspects involving the Unreal engine.

Media creation: For the company, logos, animations, screenshots, videos, art, for inside and outside the game.

Game support: Supporting Animation/Cinematics/Character/Design/QA teams with any problem they would have that requires myskills and attention.

This is an outline of my work here, please contact for more technical info.


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