MTV London

MTV Networks Europe: September 07 – March 08 - UK Digital Department

Title: Video Editor UK Digital department

Editing: Responsible for editing all shows for UK international on air and online.

Productions: Responsible for all Mobile TV, Video on Demand, Nickelodeon cartoons, negotiation, QOS, production, Editing,delivery, supervision, and editorial.

Filming: Handled all filming, production, and editing of Spanking New Sessions by MTV from start to finish (including studio setup)

Live Events EMA: One of the 2 editors at the November 2007 European Music Awards in Germany: the Olympiale Stadium Munichby MTV.

B2B: Negotiating and producing a Machinima production in co-operation with Blizzard Entertainment Ltd and MTV. This was aproject I suggested in order to bring gaming videos to the TV industry.Broadcast Live: Handled “broadcast standard” editing and post production

Shows: Production and editing and re scoring of famous shows such as Living On The Edge, Jodie Marsh: Who is going to take herup the Isle, Jackass, Pimp My Ride, Wildboyz, The Hills, My Super Sweet 16, Wannabe, Bedroom Diaries, Americas Most SmartestModel, and many more.