Zombie Entertainment Ltd


Zombie Entertainment Limited : Media Company – January 01 – August 06 – Multiple Projects

Title: Managing Director / CEO

- Individually created, or in co-operation with the rest of my staff, a large number of projects in the field of ComputerGames Media, and Computer Games Production and Development.

- Responsible for all recruitment and training.

- Offered Internships to the university of Toulouse to students in the business and managed their teams and trained them.

- Strategized the best possible course for the business.

- Responsible for all pitching to clients and new innovative ways to pitch. B2B experience and client management.

- Developed new technologies and methodologies in the games video sector.

- Acted as product and project manager for all products and projects developed with the help of 2 colleagues.

- Published a large number of finished game related productions some of the titles included below.

- Nihilum in AQ and Nihilum in AQ trailer (A world Of Warcraft movie production, most downloaded project with 6.7million downloads) at www.Nihilum.co.uk and www.Warcraftmovies.com

- The list totals to 107 productions, please ask for details.- Please ask for technical specifications and variety of work done on videos.