Zombie Entertainment Ltd


Zombie Entertainment Limited : Media Company – January 01 – August 06 – Multiple Projects

Title: Managing Director / CEO

– Individually created, or in co-operation with the rest of my staff, a large number of projects in the field of ComputerGames Media, and Computer Games Production and Development.

– Responsible for all recruitment and training.

– Offered Internships to the university of Toulouse to students in the business and managed their teams and trained them.

Strategized the best possible course for the business.

– Responsible for all pitching to clients and new innovative ways to pitch. B2B experience and client management.

Developed new technologies and methodologies in the games video sector.

– Acted as product and project manager for all products and projects developed with the help of 2 colleagues.

– Published a large number of finished game related productions some of the titles included below.

Nihilum in AQ and Nihilum in AQ trailer (A world Of Warcraft movie production, most downloaded project with 6.7million downloads) at www.Nihilum.co.uk and www.Warcraftmovies.com

– The list totals to 107 productions, please ask for details.– Please ask for technical specifications and variety of work done on videos.


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