Trutap – Product Manager Mobile Application Development – April 07 – July 07 – The Trutap Mobile Application &  PC Platform

Title: Product Manager

Project: Design and test to perfection a mass user target mobile phone platform/application for a mass consumer launch.

Product: Full product shaping, specification design, wire frame design, quality assurance and research.

Planning: Working on the product’s plan with Douglas Richards , CEO of (Dragon’s Den – Douglas Richards)

Adverts: Advertising campaign planning and execution with video editing and special effects.

Filming: Directing Green Screen Filming, and working with green screen footage.

Mobile: Experience with mobile platforms and mobile applications.

Design: Designed and tested a mass user mobile phone platform/application for a mass consumer launch. The application designedwas mobile phone related and targeted for the international market. It is an extremely complex but versatile application that offersan amazing service with limitless possibilities for expansion. The product reached its final stage before first public launch and is soonto be announced

Goal: The complexity of this product’s capabilities required a very well planned and thorough product management, since auser could be entirely lost with the service if the explanation was not simple and to the point. In order to do that we had a verymethodical approach that would be welcoming to the most un-technical of users even on this complex product.Given the task to come up with a series of innovative ideas to present the complex service we would provide to the public in a veryshort and powerful message. We had to explain the multiple features of the product in 10-15 seconds in an appealing way thatwould attract the viewer to join us and use this service.

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