E-Sports & Pro-Gaming

Prior to seeking a career in the making of games I was a contracted ProGamer (professional gamer) in Greece, UK,Denmark, and Sweden for 19 professional teams.

My job was to compete in large competitions that were invitation onlyto professional games and win, as well as advertise my sponsors and employers through my victory. I was frequently sub-contracted by them along with my team for Alpha and Beta Testing stages of many multiplayer games as a QA lead.


CPL Staff: Cyberathlete Professional League, event presenter and commentator in Berlin-Germany, Cologne-Germany,Oslo-Norway, UK-London, Korea-Seoul, Sweden-Stockholm and other world tour stops.

WCG2001: Contracted to be a member of the UK National team representing UK in the World Cyber Olympics 2001-2002in Korea Seoul.

2000 Bulgaria: Contracted by the owner of Bulgarian national gaming team, to train the team for 2 months prior to theircompetition in CPL Berlin tournament. Subcontracted as a player in the process.

Blizzard Entertainment EU: QA team. Part of the Alpha, Closed and Open Beta testing invitational team for every Blizzardtitle.

ID Software EU: QA team Part invitational team for every ID Software title after the release of Quake.

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