Maverick – Trailer Director

Maverick Media – January 11 – June 11 – Multiple projects and Campaign


Trailer Director: Responsible for directing trailers in teams of 2-7.

Multiplayer Director: Directed a team of 12 strong QA staff members of Crytek Nottingham UK in a multiplayer fire fight.  Using XBOX Live Lan voice-comms and a choreographed script I successfully directed the two teams of 6 QA players. It resulted in a hugely successful campaign closer video. Five days total development time.

MMORPG Projects: Similar to the above multiplayer capture but in an MMORPG persistent world. The game engine was The Secret World MMO created by Funcom Norway.

Building the team: Responsible for interviewing and hiring new staff & freelancers. Three successful hires from personal contacts.

Director’s Brief: Creating director’s treatments for various projects, as well as creative and marketing lines. Creating budget realistic briefs within technical/artistic and marketing constraints.

Setting up the Art Tech pipeline: Assisting with the production of multiple projects in the agency and giving technical and artistic advice.

B2B: Meeting with various different clients on a regular basis (Publisher/Developer). Use of personal contacts was pivotal for certain jobs.

Technical assessments: Assessing the technical difficulties of each game engine, finding technical solutions for all pipeline problems.

R&D: Research and Development, in-game capture & cinematics. Post production & Editing.

Game Engine Manipulation: Responsible for taking ownership of all engine related matters technical or not. Communicating with the developer on a daily basis to ensure technical needs are met with the build. heavy use of the Crytek and Unreal engines for multiple projects. Level design and lighting, Custom animations input, Scripting, Image & Quality control.

Creative Input:  As a part of the Creative Department at Maverick media I took part in many brainstorming meetings giving artistic execution suggestions and creative ideas.

Many more projects to go live soon as NDA is lifted and they go public


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