About me

I am a very focused and goal driven professional who has an ethic of raising the bar in every project I work at.

I have a very technical and in-depth knowledge of Video-Editing software, post production special effects, 2D and 3D animation.

Combined with my administrative, managerial, and product management skills, I feel I would be an excellent Cinematics Artist/Director, Lead Promotional Artist or 3D Generalist.

Working in games development but also having agency experience, is something that I believe gives me a unique understanding of all the different ingredients that make a great games trailer or video.

My extensive experience with game engines helps me couple games and video production in perfect harmony.

Through running my own business for 3 years I have acquired the necessary experience required to be a strong and organised leader and am also very eager to apply those skills in the role of a Games/CG Producer or a relevant lead role.

Personal Attributes

Focused, goal driven, unique understanding of games and video editing. Very good film & composition knowledge and an very fast learner.

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